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City road survey

City road GPR survey has a number of distinctive features compared to country roads

Works in St. Petersburg. see more...

ROSDORNII accelerator and its results

We took part in the ROSDORNII road industry accelerator. The GeoReader project received a new course for development


The work of the neural network on GPR data

Earlier, we reported on the first steps in the development of an artificial neural network in the processing of GPR data obtained from extended road network objects. Today we want to present an intermediate result - this is already a solution to the problem that we set for ourselves, but at the same time, further steps and prospects for the industry are obvious


About GPR with GeoReader software. Course - "to under ground"

Today, the GPR method is increasingly credible due to the mass of examples of positive experience. Solving problems using GPR becomes easier, cheaper and more efficient


Partnership agreements reached with GEOTECH LLC

Today, in the collaboration of TIM LLC - GEOTECH LLC, joint work has been carried out on city roads and streets. The data were collected by the OKO-3 GPR, the processing was carried out in the GeoReader Software ..

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Artificial intelligence for processing GPR data

Processing of GPR data using artificial intelligence technologies

Filtration and amplification of GPR data in GeoReader Software

After collecting GPR data, they are processed - bringing the radarograms to the maximum readable state in order to solve the project's tasks

Let's talk in more detail about the amplification and filtering functions implemented in GeoReader Software

The result of the survey "PARTICULARLY THE USE OF GPR" on 25.04.2021

Introducing the current results of the "PARTICULARLY THE USE OF GPR" poll
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Application of computer vision for interpretation of GPR data / World of roads / Issue 131

"As applied to highways, the automation of processing GPR data will help solve a global problem - processing large amounts of information, the collection of which is inevitably associated with GPR survey of extended linear objects..."

GeoReader & Мир Дорог (World of Roads, Issue 131)

GeoReader is featured in "Actual Problems of Radiophysics (APR 2019)"

Romanov D.B. (Head of NPO Terrazond) notes the use of the GeoReader Software package in the article "Application of the common midpoint method in multichannel GPR"