Comparative GPR survey on the M-12 highway

Tests on the M-12


TIM LLC took part in a comparative GPR survey on the M-12 highway Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan. This event was organized by FAA ROSDORNII with the participation of Avtodor-Engineering LLC and within the State Company Avtodor agreement. Field tests were carried out at the 1st launch complex of the M-12 0th stage in the Moscow region

The main purpose of the tests was to choose the best method for high-speed and highly automated processing of GPR data for an effective assessment of the quality of construction, therefore, manufacturers of GPR equipment and software, specialists who have extensive experience in performing GPR work at road facilities, were involved in the experiment

The GPR method makes it possible to survey roads at the speed of the traffic flow and at the same time obtain continuous information about the geological environment and the structure of the pavement with high resolution. This method is used to determine the thickness of the pavement layers, highlight local objects and detect weakened zones in the layers and soils of the subgrade and natural base

Applied tasks that were solved in the framework of the study:
1. Continuous non-destructive determination of the thickness of pavement layers using GPR
2. Determining the location, depth and quantitative characteristics of weakened zones (by the amplitude and frequency of the electromagnetic signal) in the layers of the road structure and the working layer of the subgrade using a GPR

As part of the preparatory work, invitations were sent to participate in experimental comparative GPR surveys in 26 organizations, consent was received from 9 organizations, both manufacturers of GPR equipment, software, and researchers with experience in performing GPR work at road facilities

Representatives of FAA ROSDORNII and Avtodor-Engineering LLC took part in the fieldwork from the organizers. Of the invited companies, the following took part in the field work: Group of companies "LogiS - GEOTECH", Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov with the support of the company "Radar and seismic systems", NPO "Terrazond" LLC, Company "CREDO-Dialog" LLC

3 more organizations additionally took part in GPR-data processing: State Budgetary Institution "Automobile Roads", North Caucasian Federal University, TIM LLC

variable-base probing


Based on the study results, an assessment possibilities of using high-speed approaches and automated software algorithms for processing georadar data was made in order to increase the productivity, completeness and reliability of the results of engineering surveys and surveys of operated roads

More details about the results of the work can be found in the report on the ROSDORNII website: - Library - Articles and publications - Diagnostics of roads - Report on the experimental comparative GPR surveys of the M-12 highway section

We are sincerely grateful to FAA "ROSDORNII" for the invitation to participate in this interesting and useful work!

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