ROSDORNII accelerator and its results

Currently, a new tech start-up has to go through a difficult path until the recognition and scaling of the business

The accelerator, as you know, helps startups improve their product and bring their business to a whole new level. The most useful accelerator tools implemented in ROSDORNII are:

1) examination of the project in ROSDORNII, as well as industry experts from the Federal Road Agency "Rosavtodor" and the state company "Avtodor"
2) the curator from ROSDORNIA, as well as an invited independent expert, accompany the project as mentors
3) approbation at the objects of the road industry are the main goals of the accelerator

We took part in the second season of the ROSDORNII accelerator (2021-2022) - attended training courses, worked a lot with mentors, which allowed us to develop a new promising program for the development of the company and the GeoReader software package. We will talk about this in more detail later, possibly together with the presentation of the result - a new product that is in demand in the road industry

With the support of the accelerator, we organized a pilot project aimed at establishing the impact of engineering facilities hidden under the road surface of city streets on the life of the roadway. We will definitely present the results at the end of the pilot project

On April 15, 2022, an accelerator demo day was held in MADI (Moscow) - we made a presentation of the current stage of project development, presented a promising program developed within the framework of the ROSDORNII accelerator

Diploma of the participant of the road industry accelerator of ROSDORNII

We wish success to the accelerator and its future participants!

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