«Assist road organizations in road construction using non-destructive control methods as efficiently as possible»

The company's mission is to develop modern non-destructive testing tools for a speedy and objective assessment of the state of transport facilities, providing the industry with additional opportunities to increase their durability and maintain a standard condition


  • have rich experience in working with GPR and we know their strengths
  • take into account the latest global trends
  • understand the benefits of investing in science as an engine of progress
  • offer the market innovative practical solutions

We pursue the approach of creating software products that combine the fundamental experience of geophysics in processing and interpreting GPR data with the experience of transport complex engineers for solving applied problems at transport infrastructure facilities:

  • precise geodetic data referencing
  • free exchange of information with various CAD and GIS systems
  • the use of automated algorithms that significantly increase the productivity of work with a large amount of information and reduce the negative impact of the human factor

At the same time, the main priority is to ensure the possibility of applying the technology of ground-penetrating radar surveying by engineers of the transport complex who do not have basic education in the direction of geophysical research

All geophysics is "inside" the solutions that we develop. Engineers wishing to master the use of GPR technologies only need to study the sequence of operations for processing and interpreting GPR data, and our software products will do the rest for you