Partnership agreements reached with GEOTECH LLC

GeoReader with OKO

In August 2021, TIM LLC and the GEOTECH LLC signed an official cooperation agreement, within the framework of which we started selling ground penetrating radars of the OKO series together with the GeoReader Software

OKO ground penetrating radars are widely used in various industries, in particular:

• at linear facilities (engineering surveys, construction quality control, monitoring and diagnostics of roads and railways, transport infrastructure of airfields, utility lines and trunk pipelines)
• at civil and industrial construction sites (engineering surveys of the site for placement and non-destructive examination of structures of residential buildings, factories, energy facilities and hydraulic structures)
• in ore geophysics and archaeological research (search and exploration of mineral deposits, the discovery of buried objects of cultural heritage and historical artifacts)

You can learn more about OKO GPR (options of configurations, technical characteristics, etc.), and also contact the manufacturer directly through the website of the company GEOTECH LLC -

You can also purchase OKO GPR in the selected configuration with our help - send your request to or

Based on our marketing research, we concluded that the OKO series GPR equipment today occupies a leading position in terms of sales in the domestic market. Employees of TIM LLC have sufficient experience in working with the GPR equipment of various domestic and foreign manufacturers, which allows us to objectively assess the high quality of data received by GPR OKO series

The work on adapting the GeoReader Software with the data of the OKO series GPRs has been carried out since 2018. When creating our software, special attention was paid to the analysis of the capabilities of both software systems for post-processing of GPR data from the GEOTECH LLC (GeoScan32, Analysis, KartScan), and world manufacturers such as GSSI, IDS Georadar, Sensor & Software, Mala, 3-D Radar, Geoscanners, Roadscanners, etc. Today we are absolutely sure that the GeoReader Software package with its innovative functionality can significantly expand the capabilities of the GEOTECH LLC product line

At the beginning of September 2021, the employees of TIM LLC and the GEOTECH LLC conducted joint testing of the GeoReader Software and the OKO-3 GPR at a real facility. The results, obtained as part of the survey of road sections, made it possible to conclude, that the integration of the ground penetrating radars series OKO and GeoReader Software ensures the effectiveness of solving applied problems of the road sector in terms of automated inspection of uniformity and the pavement layers' thickness, and also the automatic search for anomalous zones using computer vision algorithms

The work was carried out on highways in urban areas. GPR-data collection was performed by antenna units AB1000R and AB2000R. The trajectory of the georadar movement was recorded by satellite equipment of a geodetic class in RTK mode and linked to the GPR-profiles using the GeoReader Software

GeoReader and OKO GPR

Fig. 1 Collecting GPR data at the facility

Examples of processed data in terms of automated drawing of layer boundaries and automatic search for anomalies are presented on radarograms

the result of the automatic search of borders on the radarogram

Fig. 2 Radarogram with the results of drawing borders by automated search algorithms

automatic search for inhomogeneities by GPR using computer vision

Fig. 3 Radarogram with the results of automatic search for anomalies and their vectorization using computer vision

In the course of cameral data processing, the following operations were performed:

1. Formation of GPR projects and the creation of a pavement structure

2. Import of the plan coordinates of the GPR passageways and the shift the GPR trajectory from the phase center of the satellite equipment receiver towards the GPR antenna unit

3. Interpretation of GPR profiles:

    a) subtraction of the signal of direct passage, horizontal and vertical amplification of the signal, adjustment of contrast
    b) automated drawing of boundaries and analysis of the uniformity of the thickness of the pavement layers
    c) expert analysis of the homogeneity of the properties of pavement layers
    d) vectorization of heterogeneous areas on GPR profiles manually
    e) analysis of the homogeneity of the properties of pavement layers using 26 algorithms of attribute analysis
    f) automatic search and vectorization of anomalies on GPR profiles using computer vision algorithms

4. Preparation of graphic materials and reporting forms:

    a) export of tables of relative changes in the thickness of pavement layers and calculation of the coefficient of variation for them in CSV format
    b) export of lists of location of anomalies in tabular form with gridding in CSV format
    c) export of images of interpreted radarograms and sections of the cartographic substrate with the plotted location of anomalies (through the exchange of data in the *.shp format between GeoReader Software with the open GIS application - QGIS)

5. Preparation of the report

The work in GeoReader Software and the preparation of the report were carried out on the basis of the requirements of such regulatory documents as GOST R 59120-2021 “Public automobile roads. Road clothing. General requirements", GOST R 58349-2019 "Motor roads of general use. Road clothing. Methods for measuring the thickness of pavement layers", ODM 218.3.075-2016 "Recommendations for quality control of road construction works by GPR method"

Based on the above, we can conclude that the ground penetrating radar is an effective tool used today by road workers both in Russia and abroad. The use of the GeoReader Software, in conjunction with the OKO series GPR, opens up new opportunities for non-destructive monitoring of the state of objects of the transport complex of Russia, in particular, roads and railways, as well as runways of airfields, etc.

The main priorities of TIM LLC, as before, are the expansion of the range and functionality of the products offered, a high level of service and a scientific approach in the implementation of their own developments. In particular, specifically for the GEOTECH LLC, we have developed a lightweight version of our flagship solution - GeoReader Lite, which contains functionality related only to GPR equipment of the OKO series

Comparing with similar solutions of world manufacturers, we can say with confidence that the GeoReader Software complex with the OKO series equipment is a new era in the development of the domestic GPR market. And the results obtained by this complex meet the generally accepted World standards

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