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Today you can purchase the GeoReader Software package from us or from our partners:

Logo TerraZond


(georadiotomography, 3D georadar GRT-XX)

Russia, Moscow


Logo Logis-Geotech

GC "Logis-Geotech"

(GPR OKO series, software products for collecting GPR data)

Russia, Moscow



Logo Geodevice

Geodevice, LLC

(equipment and software for performing geophysical work - the range includes more than 370 items for working with magnetic prospecting, electrical prospecting, seismic prospecting, gravity prospecting, ground penetrating radar, radiometry, various types of logging and monitoring)

Russia, St. Petersburg


Logo Red Raven Operative

Red Raven Operative

(equipment and software for geophysical works, services for road surveying, comprehensive pipe health inspection and water loss reduction in supply networks using ground penetrating radar)

Pl. No. 35, Kanchan Nagar, Kalyanpur, Near Hanuman temple, Lucknow (U.P.), India - 226022