OKO series GPR

Ground penetrating radars of OKO series, manufactured by Logis Systems LLC (Logis-Geotech Group of Companies), are used in practice both in Russia and abroad. The company gained market coverage due to excellent data quality

OKO is used in many areas of construction and operation of structures:

• Highways
• Hydraulic structures
• Civil and industrial construction
• Railways
• Engineering and environmental surveys
• Main pipelines
• Surveys of water bodies (rivers, reservoirs, seas)
• Airport areas

The latest equipment modifications are presented today by the OKO-3 GPR, which has significantly increased the speed of the data collection, which allows recording up to 400 traces (electromagnetic pulses) per second. Also, the manufacturer (Logis-Geotech Group of Companies) is actively developing multi-channel of ground penetrating radars and antenna units, which allow collecting data at different depths with maximum detail in one trip

On linear objects, it is possible to use up to six horn antenna units of different frequencies installed in parallel (depending on the search / survey task)

GPR_kompleks_OKO  OKO radarogram in GeoReader Software

By agreement with the ground penetrating radar's manufacturer of the OKO series, we supply equipment the Ural and Volga Federal Districts, provide support in work, teach the principles of working with GPR and GPR-data processing

The GPR of OKO series supplied by "TIM" includes, among other things, satellite equipment of a geodetic class for accurate georeferencing of GPR-data

Buying OKO-3 GPR from us, you get 1 year of free use of GeoReader Software!