About Company

About company TIM LLC (Technologies Information Modeling)

The company TIM LLC (Technologies Information Modeling) was established on January 22, 2019 with the support of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE).

The purpose of the company is to develop promising solutions for the automated processing / interpretation of large volumes of ground-penetrating radar scanning data when examining road structures.

The prerequisites for the creation of the company were the experience of our engineers, who more than 10 years ago faced the need to interpret the results of a GPR survey and were dissatisfied with the state of the art with the software products for processing GPR data available on the domestic market at that time.

Each of our engineers is united by a common need - understanding what is missing in the processing and interpretation of GPR data, as well as how to make this process simpler, with an understandable and reliable result.

Today the team of TIM LLC consists of like-minded people who have united their efforts to create a fundamentally new solution - the GeoReader Software Package.

The first version of GeoReader was created to improve the convenience of processing the results of a GPR survey using the Loza GPR. At the same time, the developer of GeoReader was asked to use the common depth point method to determine the thickness of monolithic layers of road pavement using GPR.

The first agreements on scientific cooperation between the current founders of the company were reached in January 2017.

In August 2018, an application was submitted to the Innovation Promotion Fund in order to attract investment for the development of the GeoReader software package, which was approved after full-time defense. The agreement with the Fund was signed in March 2019.

Since January 2017, the initial version of GeoReader has undergone many changes, incl. appeared:

  1. project manager for batch processing a series of files
  2. algorithms for working with a trajectory based on data from global navigation satellite systems (including mobile laser scanning systems)
  3. new tools for working with layer boundaries, incl. high-speed autosearch for boundaries
  4. electronic well logs
  5. attributes analysis to automatically find anomalies
  6. module for determining the thickness of asphalt concrete without drilling by the method of amplitudes
  7. external data loading module, e.g. FWD shock loading units
  8. export of results to CAD and GIS
  9. utility mapping application and a number of other functions

During the development of the program, full support was provided for the data of the GPR OKO (Logis company), incl. opportunities appeared that surpassed the capabilities of the basic pragmatic support for these GPR.

In April 2019, support was provided for the data of the GRT-XX multichannel georadiotomograph (3D GPR) manufactured by Terrazond LLC.

Since November 2019, with the participation of the Foundation for the Support and Development of Science of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the YellowRockets startup community and the Regional Innovation Site of the Kuibyshev Railway (a branch of Russian Railways), we have taken part in two pitch sessions of IRON ROAD SHOW, which resulted in the conclusion of an agreement on cooperation in the field of innovative development between JSC "Russian Railways" and TIM LLC.

Today we continue to research the GPR method as applied to road structures and implement modern solutions and innovations in the GeoReader Software Package.