Presentation of version GeoReader v2.3

GeoReader version 2.3

GeoReader v2.3 is a software package that was originally developed specifically for road workers. More about the functionality:

1) GeoReader:

  • importing GPR-data and editing of radarograms
  • export of results of radarogram interpretation to CAD and GIS
  • work with trajectory
  • finding layer boundaries
  • borehole model creation
  • automatic determination of the thickness of asphalt concrete without drilling
  • creating a model of road structure layers
  • attribute analysis when searching for anomalies
  • joint analysis of GPR data and other diagnostic systems, incl. Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD)

2) GeoReader Project:

  • import of GPR-data and editing of a series of radarograms
  • export results of interpretation of series GPR profiles in CAD and GIS
  • work with a trajectory for a series of radarograms
  • attribute analysis of the series of radarograms
  • displaying the thickness of the pavement layer in the plan window in different colors

working window of the GeoReader module

We invite you to get acquainted with the trial version for free!


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