GeoReader Project - batch processing of GPR data

The basic principle of work in the project manager "GeoReader Project" is the simultaneous management and processing of a batch of files

The "GeoReader Project" module allows you to edit a series of radarograms and apply various processing procedures to them, saving the operator's time for similar operations

List of functions:

1. data import and editing of a series of radarograms

2. export results interpretation series GPR profiles in CAD and GIS

batch analysis

3. work with a trajectory for a series of radarograms and data binding with geodetic accuracy

4. attribute analysis of a series of radarograms

5. displaying the thickness of the pavement layer in the plan window in different colors

layers in the plan window

6. binding of radarograms to the terrain by pickets, or kilometers of distance traveled

7. construction of transverse GPR sections (along the antenna array) according to parallel profiles of multichannel GPR data

GeoReader Project allows you to automatically bind GPR profiles in space with geodetic accuracy, to search for structural anomalies in the background without operator intervention throughout the entire array of recorded data. Upload three-dimensional models with the results of radarogram interpretation into computer-aided design (CAD) systems and geographic information systems (GIS) for the entire surveyed road section at once. Control the reliability of the interpretation of radarograms due to the visual display of deviations on the road plan


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